Triumphant Life Ministries Newsletter              Vol. 5, No. 3                    September, 1989



Philippians 2:5 urges, “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus.”  Many go through much or all of a lifetime without recognizing the need to do this.  We need the mind of Christ for three important reasons:  we fall short of the glory of God, we need His wisdom, and we need His true riches.

The Bible’s commands are designed to protect us and to provide God’s best.  The average person completely overlooks the protective purpose of God’s instructions.

The mind of Christ consists in part of the attitudes, priorities, and conduct He has given us in the Bible.

The natural mind impulsively generates attitudes and priorities that damage health and relationships:  anxiety, fear, anger, retaliation, and self-centeredness.  These attitudes are even more likely to occur during stressful situations.

The mind of Christ includes forgiveness, love, service, and placing God and others ahead of self:  values that to the surprise of many produce good mental and spiritual health and successful, enduring relationships.

We also need the mind of Christ to help us to overcome the set of personal weakness against which every person struggles, another characteristic of the natural mind.  The child of Christ is free to pause in the face of sinful, harmful impulses and to ask, “How would Jesus respond to this situation?”  Behavior can then be adjusted accordingly.  Many personal weaknesses cannot be overcome by any other method.

We also need the mind of Christ to obtain wisdom (timing and judgment) which comes from Him.  One may have enormous intelligence, information, and experience.  We need the ability to apply the right information to the right person or situation in the right way at the right time.  This is the essence of God’s wisdom (Ecclesiastes 8:5,6), which He gives to those who ask him for it (James 1:5).  Receiving God’s wisdom requires the personal decision to ask for it and apply it in every important situation, especially stressful ones.  Pausing and asking, “What is a wise way to respond to this situation?” allows one to apply God’s wisdom rather than impulse.

The mind of Christ is also needed in order to have the true riches of His Holy Spirit:  love, joy, peace, faithfulness, power, hope, faith, and soundness of mind.  The Bible teaches that God is willing to give us these true riches, but we must decide to receive and apply them.  The obvious benefit is a life with which one will be pleased when looking back.

Therefore, “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus!”


Joseph Luke Palotta, M.D.

Christian Psychiatrist

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