Triumphant Life Ministries Newsletter              Vol. 16, No. 2                    November, 1999



Many people experience anxiety, depression, and other mental disorders when failures and sins have caused serious, painful losses and consequences.  In some cases they respond to those losses and stresses in negative, unscriptural ways that make difficult situations worse or seemingly impossible to tolerate.

The Bible describes the failure of the Israelites under Moses to take the promised land due to fear of the Canaanites (Numbers Chapter 13).  God responded by refusing to allow all those who were twenty years and older to enter the promised land.  They would die  in the wilderness during the following forty years (Numbers Chapter 14).  They had waited too late and lost Godís preferred blessing.  The result was very stressful and depressing.  The congregation responded with unscriptural statements and behavior, as though it no longer mattered.  They probably felt like many other people who miss Godís blessings and discover the consequences of their sins.  They become angry at God and others, refusing to acknowledge and confess their sins and to practice humility.  Many people respond to stress this way today, failing to realize that by doing so , they can surely make things far worse. 

  We must learn from the high cost those Israelites paid for their errors and sins.  They responded to their past failures of  fear and disobedience to God with anger, rejection of responsibility for their behavior, lying to themselves and others, and blaming others for their own misconduct.  These errors commonly occur in life today when people sin and are confronted with resulting losses and stresses.  Their situations then become worse, and worse, and worse.  The result is a loss of mental health , relationships, privileges, position, and material things.  What must we do to receive Godís best and first choice for our lives? What about when we fail and are left with His second choice, which is less desirable than the first opportunity was?  The needed solution is to reject unscriptural attitudes, statements, and behavior, and to decide to utilize only those responses recommended by Godís instructions in the Bible.  King David demonstrated many serious sins and failures to obey God.  He then did what we too must do when we fail to be and do all that God wants of us and for us.  David confessed his sins, agreed with God on the wrongfulness of his acts, and humbled himself before the Lord.  David communicated that whatever God willed for his punishment would be completely right and justified.  God responded by chastising David, sometimes very harshly, due to the seriousness of Davidís sins.  After David accepted the consequences, God subsequently blessed and honored him.  Following these scriptural principles can allow us to bounce back from stresses and to respond with the power of sound, healthy minds and spirits.


Joseph Luke Palotta, M. D.                                                                         

Christian Psychiatrist

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