Joseph Luke Palotta, M.D.

Dr. Joseph Luke Palotta practices Christian Psychiatry in the Baton Rouge area.  Dr. Palotta is a Board Certified psychiatrist and practiced psychiatry in the New Orleans area for 35 years before relocating to Baton Rouge in 2005.  He is an evangelical Christian and frequent lecturer.


Dr. Palotta has published four Christian inspirational books which include:


 That Your Joy Might Be Full        

 True Riches

Success Over Stress

Winning Over the Mind

Books are available through Dr. Palotta


TLM Logo0.jpg (94497 bytes)Prior to Hurricane Katrina, Dr. Palotta and his wife, Martha Lee, maintained a radio ministry entitled, “Living and Loving It” to New Orleans for 20 years.  They continue to write and distribute a quarterly Triumphant Life Ministries Newsletter which includes a devotional from each and an update on their ministry, Triumphant Life Ministries. 

To request to be included on the Triumphant Life Ministries Newsletter mailing list or to request a copy of a broadcast of "Living and Loving It", write or call Dr. Palotta's office:

Triumphant Life Ministries

c/o Dr. Joseph Luke Palotta

5211 Essen Lane, Suite 8A

Baton Rouge, LA  70809

(225) 767-1000


To contact Dr. Palotta with any questions or to schedule an appointment, call (225) 767-1000 Mondays through Fridays between 8:00AM and 5:00 PM Central Time.  

Fax number:  (225) 767-5100


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